Pushbacks on the southern borders of Serbia in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought significant changes around the world and in various aspects of life, and thus in migration. With the declaration of the corona virus pandemic, refugees in Serbia found themselves in an extremely unfavorable position, facing…

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Policy paper: What is happening at Croatia’s external borders?

January 2020- Asylum Protection Center created policy paper together with Centre for Peace Studies, Are You Syrious, No Name Kitchen and Border Violence Monitoring Network, to turn the attention of European public, policy and decision makers on refugee dire situation along…

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Recommendations in the field of employment of asylum seekers and persons who have been granted asylum 01.07.-31.12.2019.

Project of Asylum Protection Center "Support to asylum seekers and persons granted protection in entering the labor market" in Serbia, in the period 01.07.-31.12.2019. funded by the Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) Based on the results of the…

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A guide for mother and baby on the move – support to baby and mothers refugees in and around asylum centres and in Belgrade

Dear mothers, we have met a lot of you during our work and we deeply believe that you, mothers, are the bravest and those that are facing the hardest challenge on your journeys – how to protect your child in…

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Asylum Stories 2018

These are the stories of some of the refugees who stayed for a short or long time, were pushed-back or stayed in Serbia, who received help, support or advice from our organization. They talked to us about the reasons for…

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Research and Policy Brief on Refugee Protection Policy and Practice – Temporary Protection Mechanism

Author: APC/CZA                         Photo: APC/CZA Belgrade. November 21st - Asylum Protection Center alongside the Center for Public Policy through joint efforts during the past year, have prepared research and a policy…

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