Governing Board

Members of the APC/CZA’s Governing Board are:

  • Radoš Đurović (President of the Board)
  • Snežana Vasović
  • Tomislav Jovanović

Executive Director

  • Jovana Vinčić

Graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, at the Department of Pedagogy. Since 2007, active in the civil society sector in Serbia through youth associations and local grassroots civil society organizations that are engaged in the field of promoting and protecting women’s rights and the rights of other vulnerable groups in Serbia, engaged in intercultural learning and in prevention of discrimination and violence.
Trained in the areas of human rights, social protection, intercultural learning, theatre pedagogy, pedagogical work with children and unaccompanied minors, social inclusion, and in integration of migrants. Trained and with acquired extensive expertise in organizational fundraising, in monitoring, evaluation, and management of local and regional projects, as well as in the field of communication and advocacy.
Active for more than a decade in the field of social pedagogical and integration support to refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Serbia.
Since 2009, has acquired international professional expertise in working with refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable categories of exiles through professional trainings, learning programs and study visits to Sweden, Norway, Italy, Egypt, Kenya, and Lebanon.
Since 2012, has been engaged in the Asylum Protection Center (APC), working in the position of Coordinator of the pedagogic, social and integration protection sector in the period 2015 – 2023.
Since 2020, involved in the development of organization’s sectors, refugee employment programs, training programs for cultural mediators and students, involved in further development of organization’s local offices, and involved in the development of APC’s social entrepreneurship program.
Since 2023 acting in the position of Executive Director of Asylum Protection Center.
A member of the Serbian Chamber of Social Workers and a lecturer at domestic and foreign accredited training courses and training programs.

President of the Board

  • Radoš Đurović

Graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and completed master’s studies in the field of international law with the thesis “Right on Asylum in Serbia”. Since 2004, has been active in the Serbian civil society through student associations and non-governmental organizations engaged in the field of promoting and protecting human rights in Serbia. Trained and gaining experience in asylum and refugee law abroad, through studying and practicing in Slovenia and Belgium and receiving various UNHCR, EASO, ECRE, ACCORD, ASYLOS and other professional trainings. Awarded by the Office of the President of the Republic of Serbia for demonstrated leadership and achievements in social engagement.
Refugee and asylum law professional with 16 years of working experience, working as a lawyer and as a manager on various projects concerning protection of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in Serbia.
Human rights activist, lecturer, and migration specialist, acting with strong media and public outreach in Serbia and in the region. Author of many publications and papers related to asylum and migration. Active in briefing Serbian media and public on asylum and migration matters. Member of European Movement in Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Social Workers. Listed on ELENA’s (European Legal Network on Asylum) index of lawyers and legal experts.
One of the founders and former Executive Director of the Asylum Protection Center, Serbian first specialized nongovernmental organization providing legal, psychosocial and integration aid to asylum seekers, refugees and exiled persons forced to migrate to Serbia.

Expert Advisors

  • Dr. Ilija Vujacic
    Professor, University of Belgrade, Dean of Political Sciences Faculty, Political Department
  • Dr. Jasminka Hasanbegovic
    Professor, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Department of theory, sociology and philosophical rights
  • Dr. Mirjana Bobic
    Professor, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of sociology
  • Dr. Milorad Todorovic
    Professor, University of Novi Pazar, Faculty of Psychology
  • Dr. Miroslav Vukelic
    Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Classical Science
  • Dr. Bojana Grabez
    One of the founders of Asylum Protection Center, Scientific Advisor for High Energy Physics at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade
  • Dr. Ratomir Vasovic
    From 1976-2002, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physical Education, Professor of High Sports and Health Schools in Belgrade