EU agreement: stop migration from outside the borders of the Union, solidarity amongst the members absent

edited: APC    foto: Apc July 1st - Despite the fear that a complete failure would come from the EU Summit of the EU Member States on the topic of migration, held last week, given their different views on this issue…

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The ruin of Europe in a mirror

  "Securing Borders" is in face a ware the EU is waging against refugees left by the dishonesty of the Sea and Balkan Routes. And Europe would not be what it is if it had not accepted refugees for decades,"…

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The EU buried humanity

In bargaining for refugees, the European Union has engaged in dirty business with Turkey - in which there is no room to talk about the state of law. The Union also forgot about humanity and values" says Barbara Vezel Victories…

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Cecilia Malmström: They want us to return visas

Source : Večernje novosti 03.02.2014. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström, on the return of the visa regime: SOME STATES HAVE ALREADY MENTIONED THE POSSIBILITY OF SUSPENSION.The European Commission has not yet received a formal request from some of…

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Recommendations of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Serbia, Sasa Jankovic, about the asylum seekers

By the Law Amending of the Law on Ratification of the Optional Protocol with the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment it is prescribed that the Ombudsman of the Republic of Serbia performs duties…

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Asylum seekers are not criminals to be detained

We can not stop the global migration, or the construction of walls and setting up barbed wire fences at the border of Serbia would be the solution for combating illegal immigration, even if it was acceptable and possible, says Ombudsman…

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