Početna / Balkan Regional Network

Balkan Regional Network


Coalition for Rights and Wellbeing of Forced Migrants along Euro-Balkan’s Migration Routes




The Coalition is promoted by APC (Serbia), CMS (Croatia), ICS (Italy) and Legis (North Macedonia), four Civil Societies Organizations committed in enhancing rights and wellbeing of exiles seeking protection in respective countries/regions and beyond, from ethnic, religious, racial, political, language, gender and other based forms of persecution, or seeking protection from discrimination, political turmoil, armed conflicts, general violence, and from all other various downturns, including environmental or manmade disasters.




The Coalition’s overall scope is to contribute in building inclusive, tolerant and democratic local societies where locals and temporary/permanently residing migrants/exiles enjoy their rights, respect their obligations, find their peace and protection and contribute to the general wellbeing of receiving local communities.

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