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The new Law on Asylum

SOURCE: RTS  25.03.2014. How will the announced new Law on Asylum help to solve the problem of the increasing number of illegal migrants in Serbia? According to official data, the number of foreign nationals - migrants in our country was…

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Panel: Asylum Crisis

At the panel of the Bioethics Society of Serbia - Asylum seekers in Serbia and Serbian asylum seekers in Europe, which will be held on February 21st, 2014 with the beginning at 7 PM at the Belgrade Youth Centre, will…

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Asylum crisis threatens again

All capacities in the centers for asylum seekers were filled at the end of January, 2014. Because of winter, refugees from Syria decide to stay longer in Serbia, and if we do not register them, they come in danger of…

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Getting rich by smuggling people

Source: Večernje novosti   7. July 2013. People smuggling across the border is one of the most profitable types of smuggling because it can be earned at least 3 000 euros per month. This "business" often brings much more money…

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