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Dr Ali Al Jabri: Europe turned against refugees and failed them

   source   |   EUP    |   http://www.europressarabia.com/  |  1. february 2016.   

With the increasing influx of refugees to Europe in the middle of last year, which coincides with the scary image of Little Ajlan drowned in the sea, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans and others believed that Europe had opened the door to them. Some went even further than thinking that there would be a European conspiracy to empty the Arab countries from scientists and educated people, of which old Europe would benefit.

Oil on fire was also a part of the protests supporting refugees held in Europe. I am still very well impressed by the pictures of the President of the Swedish Government among the protesters who have been calling on the refugees in the rain and saying that Europe we know can not raise fences from refugees.

All these performances are accompanied by calls from the world’s media to alleviate the suffering of those who have fled from death and to open their doors to the beginning of a new life in the countries where democracy rules and in which human rights are respected.

This sent the wrong messages “Europe calls you” to those who lived in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine ..: They showed them that they are immeasurably needed in Europe, and that their arrival in the promised land is a guarantee that their life will be like paradise, life they never could have imagined.

So they got up and all went to the new promised land, they flooded it. The reception centers are full of those who deserve it and those who do not deserve it, those who are innocent and who are murderers, who are for and who are against, who are Islamists and who are not …

Everyone has fled from their motherland Arab countries, thinking that happiness, fortune and wealth are waiting for the moment they arrive in Europe.

And Europe became overwhelmed by refugees, and the voices immediately rose to the right, and then hundreds of thousands of moderately oriented Europeans who had previously shown their sympathy for the refugees. Because they did not even dream that they would be immersed in so many refugees, of which more than half were not supposed to be there. Because they do not run from death.

Now the situation in Europe has changed, public opinion has turned against the governments that have opened the door to refugees. Voices were raised by extremists, but those who fought for human rights reversed the story in a quest to find a way to rescue refugees and migrants and push them away.

Governments have begun  the adoption of tightened asylum laws in Europe and are expelling refugees. Even if the Swedish Prime Minister has recently declared that he had made an advance of the fence, he started building a fence as his country was flooded with refugees.

Who to blame European governments or migrants who committed crimes that behaved violently when realizing their euphoria was damaged and those who deserved to be received and who turned everything against them?

Basically, everyone should know that a humane Europe can not allow the influx of millions. And it is important that we know that European governments that lose the votes of refugee supporters will not wait for tied hands to lose power. The parties and alliances ruling the European states will not allow them to lose and leave their opposition to the opposition.

So in the days that come, governments will look at their interest and the interests of their people and come to terms with the new way in handling the refugee crisis.

Europe turned against the refugees and failed them, and what is coming is even darker if they continue in this issue to rush towards Europe, which was once a dream for those who fled from death. The beginning of the solution is to provide the right picture for those who want to come and get asylum in European countries, tell them that it is not a dream, and that the roads are not silted by the flowers, except for those who deserve protection, and those who escaped from death.

A refugee crisis will not be solved by raising fences but by concrete measures of great powers that have made mistakes in the Middle East and have forced that people to seek salvation at all costs.


(Authored by the President of the Federation of Arab Journalists in Sweden)




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