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Džihan al Khazen: The bad guys among the refugees have to be punished

   source   |   EUP    |   http://www.europressarabia.com/  |  28. january 2016.   


Has there been any other accident that did not hit the Syrian refugees in Europe?

What happened in Cologne while the whole world celebrated the dawn of the New Year was very disgusting both for guests and for homes, and for that, 30 muslims were accused of 1.1 million Syrian refugees as received by Germany last year .

Angela Merkel, who fully welcomed refugees from Syria (who condemned the sending of the second submarine of the German submarine to Israel), now pays a great deal of gratitude to the countries of the Middle East

Most Germans protested after incidents that took place in Cologne, and

opinion polls showed that the Germans no longer want refugees in their own country.

They do not want them anywhere in Europe. Greece, Macedonia, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden make decisions and take measures to prevent their entry into their territory.

The Christian Democratic Union Party led by Angela Merkel with the lost 2.5% of supporters has now fallen to only 32.5 supporters, and support is alternatively not available to the gypsy side of the party has risen to 12.5%

An outrageous response to the Brnhain city, a large number of complaints to refugee men because of their ineffective behavior towards girls and women on the pools, was a ban on their entry into the pools.

All this happens while state authorities and institutions, media, NGOs … try to integrate refugees into a German society.

They do not always succeed in doing so. The most beautiful thing I’ve read about this subject is: “If we want the Germans to accept the Arabs, the Arabs should accept the Germans.” Otherwise, this means that a refugee who has fled from death is seeking a new opportunity for a dignified life, he has no right to impose his tradition on people who want to help him.

Syria is a daily victim of terrorism from both sides located there. Many sacrificed their lives by drowning before they reached the land of freedom. Escaped from death to death.

The other day, 42 refugees  drowned, 17 of them children. So far, about six million people have been evacuated from Syria’s wealthy land, half of them in the surrounding area, and the other half in Europe and other countries. There are two million children among them. There are many charitable organizations, state and non-governmental organizations, immigrants who give voluntary contributions … whose goal is to raise as much money as possible to provide school benches for refugee children.

And thirty bad guys among the 1.1 million in Germany Which is a significant percentage. There are also refugees who have opposed these works. I read the article by Cathlin Denkan from Seattle that the perpetrators surrounded her, and she was helped by the Syriac House Ahmed Mohamed, a teacher from Syria and his friend, while other refugees made a rifle around her to protect her. Later they took her to a police station where I found her other German with whom she had already been.

But in spite of this, the perpetrators are like hair in the test. One hair ruins a piece of bread.

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