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Stamp on Migrants

   source | Vecernje novosti (/http://www.novosti.rs/ )  author | Ivana Stanojevic ,    [30. january 2016|  ]

A red or yellow bracelet, a tattoo on the forearm, numbers printed with a skin marker, or a colored entrance, painted so marked to know that refugees live behind them – all this together has the same role that, during Hitler’s Third Reich, it had a yellow arm band intended for the Jews. The time is different, the parties are new, but the injustice is the same.

The crippled fugitives, regardless of bullets and bombs they’ve endured, are unwanted in Europe that they have been given the hope of saving themselves and their loved ones from certain death. Those who, by chance, offered them a shelter for at least a short time, and hope to see them lean as soon as possible, they think that the newcomers must be marked, that they should not “incognito” walk around European metropolises.

In the Welsh capital, Cardiff, migrants need to wear a red plastic bracelet. The manager of a private company, in charge of accommodation and nutrition of newcomers, thinks that this is a very practical solution. The tape can not be removed, nor borrowed to another, which is not registered, but in the meantime, it “serves” for migrants to be exposed to the growing scandal in the city, transportation … This patent was also taken over by Scotland.

Hundreds of people seeking asylum in Britain, located at a state cost in Middlesbrough, in the east of the country, had to live in homes that had a red door. Until the avalanche of the protest did not raise the sumptuous colors of gray, the traces of non-humanity were removed. Other countries, unlike this region of Great Britain, have never tried to correct the injustice, nor acknowledge the mistake …

In Hungary, along with the wall on the border with Serbia, the whole of the Old Continent was taken against itself (so that the barbed wire began to go down on some of the state, long ago inland inter-state borders) – the migrants were marked with a stamp on the forearm. A hand-held tattoo machine was used. The photographs were taken by police, filmed to burn stamps in the skulls of the deserts that allowed the fate to live over the ocean, the mass grave of migrants from Asia and the north of the continent of Africa. The authorities in this country (not) consciously ignored the premise that this is something that is automatically linked to the Holocaust and the tattoo of Auschwitz prisoners in serial numbers.

In Czech, the marking of migrants was carried out with the marker, but this mark can not be easily removed. After the plunder of criticism, the Czech police explained this event with the need to identify and distinguish migrants from the mass of other passengers. And with the alleged fact that it diminishes the danger of (and forever) separating family members. Police spokesman explained that this was an extremely difficult task because many did not have any documents and did not speak English.


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