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New migrant route through Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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SARAJEVO/ZAGREB, May 8th – The migrant crisis has reached Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 100 migrants enter Bosnia and Herzegovina daily, Slobodan Ujic, director of the Foreign Affairs Service Bih told Radio Sarajevo that this trend will continue in the future.

The Foreign Service Department from the beginning of the year to the beginning of this month registered 2,869 illegal migrants, mainly from Pakistan, Libya. Afghanistan Route routes through Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Partly coming from Serbia, mostly through forest roads, over the mountains, while some dare to swim across rivers that are a natural border between countries. For most of them, BiH is on the way to the countries of the European Union for the most part and retains mainly the Sarajevo and Sana-Canton Canton, waiting for the opportunity to continue towards Western Europe.

The new migrant route called the “southern migrant route” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Croatia and Slovenia that it is a new branch of the Balkan route, leads from Greece to Albania, and from Montenegro, through the town of Nudo, enters Arandjelovo and Trebinje, in Herzegovina. Migrants then through BiH, openly go by public transport, buses and taxis, travel to Velika Kladusa, or something smaller to Bihac.

This corridor through Croatia goes through the Karlovac County, to the Slovenian border, which is only 70 kilometers away. In Slovenia, in the area of Bela krajina, or Črnomelj, they enter the river Kupa.

The “Jutarnji List” notes that, regardless of what they called it, the facts say that this is a new direction by which the West is trying to host the rebels from the Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries – with an increasing share of Kosovo citizens.

First, there is a certain number never recorded by any of the three countries, and secondly, if BiH and Slovenia are facing figures that are five times higher, it is clear that they must be counted in Croatia. The only difference is that they travel through Croatia at night and are more cautious, they hide in the daytime, and all because of the fear of the Croatian police, and accordingly, a smaller number is registered.

This is information is confirmed by the Slovenian police. Last year police officers recorded only six cases in the area of the Črnomelj police administration, where 14 migrants illegally entered via Kupa. Only in January and the first week of February this year 22 cases and 112 migrants were recorded.

The “Jutarnji List” lists dozens of cases in which locals saw groups crossing fields and forests and breaking into shelters for shelter from winter and police. At least two cases ended tragically.

Considering this, but also based on information from Velika Kladusa, where dozens of migrants are located, mostly in private buildings and in two mosques, and the new ones arrive daily, in Croatia they expect, and the Zagreb Charter concludes that they may be expecting a new wave of migrants.

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