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EU gave 40 million euros in grants to Serbia

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Belgrade, September 30 – Since September 2015, the European Union has given 40 million Euros of grants to support Serbia in managing refugee and migrant flows, the EU Delegation in Belgrade announced.

More than 10.7 million euros were given for works on the construction and reconstruction of the centers in Preševo, Šid, Adaševci, Subotica, Principovac, Krnjaca I, Bosilegrad, Pirot, Dimitrovgrad and Bujanovac for planned works in Sid and Padinska Skela, as well as for equipment, mobile teams, supplies and furniture.

“The EU also pays for electricity, heating, water, laundry, sanitation and cleaning services, more than 460,000 euros this year and almost two million euros next year,” the statement said.

More than 9.4 million euros were spent on the salaries of 273 employees of Serbian citizens, coordinators, translators, administrative assistants and employees in maintenance in Subotica, Sid, Presevo, Negotin, Dimitrovgrad, Zajezer, Krnjaca, Banja Koviljica, Tutin, Sjenica and Belgrade.

The EU has provided funds for food and accommodation of staff of competent authorities when working on the ground, for children events, providing information, managing individual cases and family reunion, as well as supporting accompanied and unaccompanied minors.

7.5 million euros were provided for the protection of the border, for equipment, information technology infrastructure, better border management, engagement of visiting officials from EU member states that provide support to the Serbian border police, and for the modernization of border crossings .

“The EU also provided 3.8 million euros for food and other supplies, and for transport and logistics more than 2.6 million euros,” the statement said.

Nearly € 1.2 million is given to health care for two mobile clinics, accompanying medical staff and translators, medicines and other medical devices, as well as access to primary care in reception centers as well as in the city park in Belgrade.

The EU also financed management, administrative work, computers, travel, communication with almost two million euros, while providing a million euros to support the reform of the national asylum system.

0.75 million euros were provided for the “assisted voluntary return of migrants to the countries of origin”.

In addition, several EU Member States have provided the necessary bilateral assistance to Serbia, within the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Serbia has also received significant assistance from the EU within a regional program dedicated to migration management, with a budget of 8 million euros, the statement added.




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