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APC helps the most vulnerable refugees

Source: APC
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Date: October 27, 2023

APC strives to provide our vulnerable refugees with adequate support and assistance, according to their needs. Among them there are also those who are particularly vulnerable and need special attention and help.

Habib, our beneficiary from Afghanistan, suffered a spinal injury last year, after which he was diagnosed with paraplegia, which requires frequent visits to various doctors, so that his condition does not deteriorate further. In order to ensure that Habib receives appropriate treatment in health and social institutions and that he will be provided with adequate care and appropriate information about his current condition, we pay visits to doctors and social workers together with him.

We provide Habib with legal representation in the asylum procedure, and strive to protect his basic human rights and the rights of an asylum seeker before the Serbian institutions. It is not at all an easy task for a foreigner who suffers from a serious body injury and does not have basic and relevant legal information.

This support is also very important for Habib, considering that he is completely alone in Serbia, far from his family and does not speak the Serbian language. Moreover, the APC psychologist helps Habib to overcome sadness, despair and to continue to fight with his health condition.

Due to the fact that his condition requires the daily use of catheters, diapers, orthotics, various supplements and medications, APC provides him with all of these on a regular basis, supplementing the scanty and insufficient support systems.

The APC organization provides constant help and support to all refugees, and special attention is paid to the most vulnerable. These are mostly women and children, but also refugees with health problems, just like Habib.

In the majority of cases, they are left on their own, in a foreign country, which language they do not speak, and nobody is working on their integration. Nevertheless, APC strives to help its beneficiaries in every segment and make their lives at least a little easier, because they are the ones who need our help the most.

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