Početna / Legal aid / APC visits refugees and migrants on the field across the country

APC visits refugees and migrants on the field across the country

Source: APC
Photo: APC
Date: October 27, 2023

Work in the field is an integral part of the support that APC provides to refugees, and this is the best way to find out about their needs and problems, in order to help them. These people often do not have relevant information about their legal prospects and the asylum procedure in Serbia. We then inform them about all legal steps, their rights, obligations, procedures that are provided to them during regular field visits to various camps and areas throughout Serbia.

Through legal, psychosocial and integrational help and various services provided by the APC, we try to adequately respond to their specific needs and problems. Having fled from the war, far from their homes, invisible to different institutions and the system, these people value every opportunity to be heard, seen and to be helped. APC knows this, and its staff and volunteers do their best to help refugees with their capacities and expertise.

The APC organization regularly goes to the field with its teams, visiting different places in Serbia. APC staff talk to these troubled people, who face many challenges on their journey and are exposed to numerous dangers.

Providing support to people, often exhausted by constant struggle and problems, is a very important thing in the broad scope of our organization’s work.

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