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APC supports Ukrainian refugees in integration and communication with various institutions

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Belgrade, October 25, 2023- APC helps its beneficiaries in exercising various rights and services on the path of integration upon arrival in our country. In addition to helping them regulate their status and obtain documentation, we help them get work permits, find jobs, get health services and health cards, we help refugee children enroll in the education system…

We help them when submitting various requests by informing them, as well as officials in various institutions, to make sure that everything will goes smoothly. In that way we helped Svitlana, a Ukrainian refugee, an entrepreneur, to regulate her legal status, get a work permit, register in the PIO fund and get a health card.

With our help, she went through this entire procedure without major complications. Although most of the officials with whom we cooperated in order to realize the aforementioned rights and services for Ukrainian refugees, had not previously been acquainted with persons with temporary protection and their documentation, with the provision of the necessary information from our side, everything went smoothly.

We are very glad that more and more refugee women from Ukraine decide to take matters into their own hands while staying in Serbia – they get a job, opt for self-employment, thus taking care of their family and loved ones.

The APC organization regularly provides support to Ukrainian refugees throughout the country, providing them with relevant information and helping them to realize their guaranteed rights.

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