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Visegrad Group: Protection of the Hungarian Border on the Balkan Route a Priority

Source: Tanjug

Warsaw July 11– Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries, represented by the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia said today after a meeting in Warsaw that the migration crisis can be solved only with solidarity and cooperation, and emphasized that the priority of V4 is the protection of the Hungarian border found along the Balkan route.
Slovak agency Tasr report that spokesperson for the Slovak Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrea Dobiasov stated that V4 supports the creation of the European Border and Coast Guard and the introduction of the European Commission’s Smart Borders Pack on the role of information systems in improving external border management, unsuspecting security and the fight against terrorism and organized crime.
“The protection of the external borders, especially on the Hungarian border, which lies on the so-called Balkan route, is a priority for V4. The situation on this route has improved, partly and as a result to the measures we have adopted,” said Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak.
Tasr states that ministers from all four countries opposed compulsory quotas for the distribution of migrants to individual Member States of the EU, Poland was the host of the meeting, since this country took over the chairmanship of V4 from the Czech Republic on July 1.



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