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In Belgrade’s Parks, Refugees again need our help

author: APC | photo: APC  


Belgrade,18-april – Since the closure of the Balkan route, a growing number of refugees are looking for a way to break into Europe, arriving Belgrade through Macedonia and Bulgaria and staying in parks around the bus station. Everyday there are about a hundred of them and new people are arriving every day. Our team regularly visits these people, including families and unaccompanied minors, providing them with information, but also the necessary assistance they deserve. And so, today, as in previous day, we were in the parks around the bus station.

Hundreds of people from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, with whom we spoke to, mostly traveled to Serbia, say they made it by foot. They are tired, and some of them have injuries from a busy road. Everyone is worried.

We gave them clothes and shoes, answered numerous questions and provided information regarding their legal status and stay in Serbia.

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