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One more Syrian received asylum in Serbia

One more person from Syria has received asylum in Serbia in July 2013. Once again, as in all previous cases when the asylum was granted in Serbia, Syrian was represented by the Asylum Protection Centre (APC / CZA).

Since he was a supporter of the opposition, Mukhtar and his family had to leave their country. His family has managed to migrate to the neighboring Arab countries, while he was the only one who succeeded to come in Serbia. His brother, father and uncles split up through the countries of the Syrian region.

Mukhtar’s family was known from before to the ruling regime as pro-oppositional and its members have regularly criticized the government and regime.

Mukhtar confirms terribly difficult situation in his country, the permanent destruction and conflicts that increasingly grow into religious conflicts, threatening to push the entire country into a serious religious and ethnic conflict.

In the ravages of war all suffer, but most often the defenseless civilians who become easy victims of all factions and militants who very often don’t look for any excuses to perform extremely heavy and bloody crimes.

“Armed people stop you in the streets, on the roads and legitimize. Nothing helps, none of your word or explanation. If one of them wants to kill you, he will do it. This is the situation in Syria” – said Mukhtar.

There are many of those who take every opportunity to kill and torture the innocent civilians. The violence has led to the fact that people organize themselves to defend their own villages or streets. Whole cities are often the sites of mass conflicts and targets of a brutal bombings whether from guns, tanks or out of the plane. The movement is extremely limited and the use of the Internet is minimal and only available on a certain places in the city.

Mukhtar is still a rare example of the people who are seeking asylum in Serbia with the intention to stay here.

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