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Objectives and programs of work with women and children

In 2012 Asylum Protection Center realizes interactive workshops with women and children in both asylum centers in Serbia – Banja Koviljaca and Bogovadja. After identifying the problems in the local community in Banja Koviljaca during 2011, strengthening on the one hand those who are asylum seekers, but on the other, establishing contacts and creating an opportunity to meet representatives of the local communities, our organization contributes to the development of a tolerant and open society, which will at some point be ready for two-way communication, and intercultural dialogue.

With the women and older girls who are accommodated in asylum centers there are organized workshops with an aim to involve women and children asylum seekers, beneficiaries of the program in the existing system: health, social, educational, local and other, as well as raising awareness of the women asylum seekers about the rights they are entitled, on their sovereign and independent position in the family and learning how to undertake these rights and skills independently.

The working principles are based on participation, freedom and voluntarism, mutual respect and cooperation.

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