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Workshops with children

Workshops with the children are implemented towards achieving three general goals – encouraging creative expression, integration with children from the local communities and development of the capacity to participate in structured group activities.

One part of workshops consists art workshops that encourage creative expression and development of children’s imagination – working with clay and ceramics, drawing, using different techniques, making kites, masks, musical instruments.

Especially interesting are kites making workshops that are attractive for children of all participating countries bearing in mind that the game of making kites is one of the most popular in Asia among children and adults. Workshops of kites making are also very interesting to the pupils of local schools who are inspired to get involved.

The second part of workshops is implemented through structured activities that encourage team work, lead to development of respect in the group, group agreements and other individuals, the development of tolerance, the willingness to present ideas in front of other children, raising self-confidence.

Through the cooperation with the local community, especially with the Center for Abandoned Children and Primary school “Vera Blagojevic” in Banja Koviljaca, there are carefully planned joint workshops and informal gatherings for children from Banja Koviljaca and children asylum seekers.

Most program activities are implemented with children age 7 to 12. With a group of children over 14 years old that are located in Bogovadja there are efforts to development of support and help, especially in the translation, in realization of the program with younger children.

With the youngest children (under 4) it is worked through ad hoc activities and free play, usually in the presence of mothers after which they would continue talking about the upbringing and education.

In the Institute for Education of Children and Youth “Vasa Stajić” in Belgrade where unaccompanied minors are temporarily housed at the Department for foreigners, through workshops or group discussions minors are informed about the lodging and conditions in the asylum centers in Serbia, with differences between Serbian culture and the cultures they are coming from, constructive approach in conflicts.. If necessary, the APC team works with them individualy.

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