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Vienna wants to seal off the Balkan Route

   source|DW/http://www.dw.com/sr//author:  Nemanja Rujevic

February 25 -“When Austria practically seized the borders, the Balkan countries followed suit, because Greece as the weakest link, must deal with tens of thousands of refugees,” Writes DW after the Vienna conference.

Analysis and comments in teh German press explain things this way: Germany has become lonely in its refugee policy – Austria. as the last ally, turned its back on Berlin, which became particularly clear after the Vienna Ministerial Conference. There, on Wednesday, representatives of the Balkan countries were invited, but not Greece and Germany, that are the beginning and end destinations of the refugee route in Europe. Austria and the Balkan countries are also being attributed to the decision to close borders for everyone except Syrians and Iraqi migrants, and that they are to be spoon fed entrance. Criticism is harsh, Vienna is being shifted to lead the “unwilling pacts” and is turning Greece into the “largest refugee camp of the EU” (Landescajtung)

„Austria has made a perfidious chain reaction, “writes Zarbriker Zeitung. “When the Alpine country virtually seized the borders, the Balkan countries followed it, making Greece the weakest link in the chain to tackle tens of thousands of refugees. Helada threatens to become a stage of human tragedy. The countries of the monetary union kept together when the euro crisis was about their money. And now? “On a similar note, New Foundabile Bytung writes that the” preferred domino effect “by Austria is called” shameful “. “The greatest refugee movement since World War II is a European, not a national problem.EU countries have to help overburdened Greece. If that does not happen, no one else will believe in the project of Europe.“
On a similar note is the left-wing Tagescitung, which first criticizes Vienna, who did not make any effort to establish a dialogue with Athens. “The argument that Greece only misses refugees is like a bad vice. Are other states acting differently on the route? Leaving Greece in a wind tunnel means knowingly taking risks that this shaky country’s land will be further destabilized.It is no surprise that Vienna has secret admirers from Munich to Warsaw. The joint strategy for securing the external borders, Berlin stands for in Brussels is not completely ruined by the salting of Austria, but it is considerably more difficult. Tectonic plates beneath Europe have almost drifted apart.”

The conservative Velt has a different position. It is precisely those countries that no longer follow Angela Merkel’s policy to reduce the influx of refugees and thus paradoxically secures the chancellor’s political survival in Germany, writes the paper. The fact that the government in Berlin has not yet introduced contagents for the reception of refugees in Wales is considered “short-sighted”. “However, not only the short-term treatment of the Chancellor has pushed the European Union into an existential crisis. The European Commission’s bachelor barking against the Vienna conference should show every Eurosceptic that there is no talk of any extraordinary power of Brussels. On the contrary: the European house is just falling apart in front of Angela Merkel’s eyes and there is nobody to disavow. ”

The Vienna daily Standard states that the actions of Austria and the Balkan countries will have a counter-effect: “The goal should be to keep people from beginning their journeys because they know that they have no chance of reaching the desired destination. On the other hand, the scarecrow scenario of August 2015, when tens of thousands of fugitives remained stuck in Hungary, should be pre-empted. But the government in Vienna will just cause such an effect, and that’s why it is rightly criticized, “the paper says. “The new border management in the Balkans will not serve anything if Germany remains open, and Turkey does not stop the smuggling. Because of the picture of the human misery that will come from Greece, Austrian ministers will not be able to persevere in the role of the villain they are just playing. ”

The criticism is summarized by the Stutgarter Zeitung.”The direction is clear: the so-called Balkan route should be extinguished and Greece put under pressure by creating a standstill in its territory. Athens should cooperate more with Ankara to keep borders. Vienna is already at war with Germany and the European Commission, mostly due to the recently introduced refugee reception facilities. Democracy is tough, solidarity, so far lacking, humanity is rarely popular. But these are the foundations on which Europe stands – in Vienna, little is seen of it.”

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