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APC provides legal and psycho-social help to refugees from Ukraine

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Date: June 12, 2023


Our staff is helping Ukrainian refugees living in Serbia to renew their temporary protection status, after the government extended it for another year. Given the new bureaucratic challenges and apparent limitations imposed by local police offices, increasing number of refugees from Ukraine need free APC legal help and information, in order to obtain their temporary protection status and get documents.

One of the refugees is Olena, who contacted the APC after she faced rejection and problems to be registered. She found out about our organization by searching the internet. Also, she heard numerous positive recommendations from other Ukrainian refugee friends with whom she is in contact.

After the first phone call, Olena visited one of our offices and since then she has been getting legal support. Moreover, she has also started working with our psychosocial staff.

Our local offices are places refugees can access to seek and get reliable information and support. In those offices, in a safe environment, they can also talk to psychosocial staff and initiate regular psychological counseling when they need it. The goal of this is overcoming the cultural and social difficulties they face while trying to start a normal life as much as possible in Serbia.

APC understands the problems and needs of refugees, who fled their homeland to save lives. That is why they are provided with all the necessary help and support, so they can overcome the hardships and difficulties that refugees are constantly surrounded by as soon as possible.

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