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Radoš Đurović: The agreement of EU members to pay for not accepting migrants also affects Serbia

Source: Tanjug, Politika


Belgrade, June 11, 2023Every decision related to asylum and migration in Europe directly affects Serbia, since we are the last country on the border of the Schengen area, as Radoš Đurović, executive director of Asylum Protection Center, told Tanjug.

Commenting on the agreement of the EU member states from Friday, according to which countries that do not accept to host the number of migrants as provided for in the quotas pay 20,000 euros per person, Đurović said that the EU wants to return people who are in an unsettled status outside their territories as soon as possible.

“That problem now with restrictive procedures, with detention, with accelerated procedures at our borders – in Croatia, Hungary and Romania – will not lead to these people stop and look for salvation in those countries, but they will flock to the hands of smugglers”, Đurović pointed out.

According to him, the goal of the EU is to slow down migration, and in this sense its partners in the Western Balkans are important.

“It sees its plain interest there, and we have witnessed that since the agreement in Tirana from the end of last year, where the EU’s relationship with regard to migration towards the Balkan countries was clearly defined, we expect that these pressures will continue and that we will be the main partners in the fight against migration, first of all to the member countries that are in our neighborhood, but also to the EU as a political body”, emphasizes Đurović.

The director of Asylum Protection Center stated that the countries on the periphery of the EU are the ones that most oppose to the agreement from Luxembourg on not accepting migrants. As he says, despite the good wishes, migration will hardly be stopped in this way, but rather it will motivate the EU countries located on the borders to turn a blind eye to this problem and try to tolerate the stay of people on the territory.

“It is realistic to expect that the countries that suffer the most pressure will resort to some methods to avoid that pressure, to let migration continue before they seek solidarity in terms of technique or financial resources from other member states. For them, this solidarity will not be able to solve the problem of intense migration that is approaching”, concluded Đurović.


Link: https://www.tanjug.rs/srbija/politika/35303/rados-durovic-dogovor-clanica-eu-da-placaju-neprihvatanje-migranata-pogada-i-srbiju/vest

Link: https://www.politika.rs/sr/clanak/557171/rados-djurovic-srbija-eu-migranti 


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