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APC part of SEE Legal Days 2019

Visit us today and tomorrow in the “Legal Days of South East Europe” fair, Metropol, Belgrade. APC is the oldest organization providing professional legal aid to asylum seekers/refugees since the start of Serbian asylum system 11 years ago. APC has been legally protecting asylum seekers in Serbia since 2008.

Via legal representation, APC has secured asylum protections, successfully appealed lawsuits, aided unaccompanied minors/vulnerable persons (SGBV, LGBT, etc.), enrolled asylum-seeking children in elementary and high schools, incorporated asylum seekers/refugees into Serbia’s various social programs, and influenced political and legal policies.

_Posetite nas danas i sutra na “Danima prava jugoistočne Evrope”, hotel Metropol, Beograd. APC učestvuje kao najstarija…

Publicerat av Azil u Srbiji Asylum in Serbia – Centar za zaštitu i pomoć tražiocima azila Måndag 27 maj 2019

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