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Pakistani victim of human trafficking granted asylum in Serbia

BELGRADE, May 29, 2019 – A citizen of Pakistan who was legally represented by APC has been granted asylum in Serbia.

During the year-long asylum procedure, it was established that his request for asylum was well-founded, as it was established that he was a victim of human trafficking.

The Asylum Office officials found that he was held in a position similar to slavery, had been exploited for several years, and was exposed to a severe form of psychological and physical violence.

After considering these facts, it was established that the asylum seeker should be granted subsidiary protection. Subsidiary protection is a form of protection granted by the Republic of Serbia to a foreigner who, if returned to their country of origin, would be subjected to torture, inhumane or degrading treatment, or loss of general freedoms and liberties.

APC/CZA worked in conjunction with the Center for Human Trafficking Victims Protection. The center’s  goal is to identify and protect those who have experienced any form of trafficking. As a result, the center had an active role in the procurement of asylum for this individual.

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