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APC/CZA mobile office helping refugees wherever they are

Text: APC  Photo: APC

Krnjača, 05 August 2019 – APC/CZA team of legal and psychosocial staff using our mobile office on wheels “APC camper” to visit Krnjaca camp, where many of the refugees are unaccompanied minors, providing them with all the necessary information and support to claim asylum, access the system and asylum procedure, recognize/prevent smuggling or trafficking. APC/CZA mobile office with a team of lawyers, psychologists and social workers provide help to young refugees & migrants across Serbia with valid information, holistic legal, psychological, social and humanitarian aid and being a safe space, they otherwise wouldn’t have in forests, along the borders, in the large transit centers/remote areas, in suburbs of cities, abandoned buildings & makeshift shelters, etc. Our mobile office works to protect & empower children, saving them from danger and supporting their wellbeing.

Moreover, APC/CZA have a cooperation with local centers for social welfare and contact with social workers in the field to report and assist many of the unaccompanied minors so they can be protected and accommodated in one of reception center and have free access to medical assistance and local health institutions.

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