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APC organized an integration event for refugees in Tutin

Text: APC Photo: APC

Tutin, August 10, 2019 – APC implemented an integration event in Tutin in cooperation with Nazim Halilovic, a teacher from the local school “Rifat Burdzevic Trso”, with whom APC has long been cooperated in process of integrating refugee children into school. With the help of Nazim, his family and friends who are living in Tutin, we brought local culture closer to refugees by making pies and “mantije”.

During the lunch, participants discussed situations in their countries, refugees had the opportunity to practice our language, and locals were fascinated with their knowledge of the language. Refugees were particularly interested to hear about wedding customs, as they have the opportunity to see celebrations in the city almost every day at this time of year in Tutin.

The APC has long been organizing this type of events in local communities that host refugee camps with the aim of connecting the locals and refugees more closely. Connection is achieved through the exchange of cultures, through conversation about customs and lifestyles in different countries. Organizing such events, breaking down prejudices and stereotypes that may exist regarding other cultures.

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