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They are fleeing from Ukraine, and Serbia is their new home!

Many refugees from war-torn Ukraine are coming, passing through and staying in Serbia. Of more than 148,000 refugees who entered Serbia since the beginning of the war, 27.782 people registered their staying in Serbia, while more than 1,164 Ukrainian refugees were granted temporary protection. Many are still in the process of obtaining temporary protection. Everyone needs protection and help.

Many refugees from Ukraine have found refuge in Serbia, a safe place to stay and live, both for themselves and their loved ones. They can be found in almost every corner of the country, from Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad all the way to Subotica.

In local areas, refugees are almost invisible. Many are quiet, unobtrusive, shy and afraid, but they need support in order to properly integrate into the local community, make new acquaintances, understand the world around them, and gather strength to cope with many challenges, from looking for a job, making money, enrolling children in kindergartens and schools to learning the language and getting to know fellow citizens.

Our organization is actively working to help Ukrainian refugees to achieve protection and start a normal life through local work, all over the country, from Preševo to Subotica. In addition to providing direct assistance and support to the refugees themselves, we encourage dialogue between them and local citizens, share information, break down prejudices and fears, and help develop tolerance and inclusiveness in communities that have received refugees. Just one of the measures we undertake to break prejudices are campaigns in local areas, such as the campaign “They are fleeing from Ukraine, and Serbia is their new home”. In major cities across the country, such as Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, we called on local citizens to understand the refugees and help them, using billboards as the most visible way of communication. These activities are followed by our guest appearances on local television and radio stations, as well as statements in newspapers and our presence in other traditional and online media.

In parallel with the entire national campaign, which is carried out locally, we participate in live broadcasts, debates and news in the national media, all with the aim of sharing relevant and verified information, explaining doubts, fighting prejudices against refugees and problems that accompany it and bringing the true face of refugees closer to citizens.

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