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“The Far World in Belgrade” – Exhibition of Works of Women and Children Asylum Seekers from Banja Koviljaca and Bogovadja

On Monday, November 26th, the APC/CZA exhibition of the works of women and children asylum seekers accommodated in asylum centers in Banja Koviljaca and Bogovadja, was opened in the gallery Nea Pangea in Belgrade.

On the exhibition products and materials created during creative workshops were displaied together with some of the clay figures, drawings and collages created during the cultural, health, empowering workshops. These workshops were organized by the Asylum Protection Center APC/CZA and realized this year with women and children asylum seekers in the asylum centers. Photographs of the difficult conditions which immigrants are facing with along their way to Europe, together with ceramic figures representing the fears that some of the participants presented through the figures of Taliban, police officer, graves, bugs, snakes, were also displayed to the Belgrade exhibition. The drawings of the dreams of children and women included school, home; drawings of Eiffel Tower; drawings of tears of mothers during their stay away from home, drawings of dreams of the future, drawings of homes in which they would like to live. On the exhibition visitors can see photos of creative workshops, of traditionally henna painted palms of women, photos of traditional Afghan kites, jewelry, dolls and sculptures produced by the women and children participants of the workshops. In all workshops women from different countries were involved as can be seen in the photographs.

Two short films were showned to the audience – one about the difficult conditions immigrants are facing on the road with and the other which is created during the Save the Children and APC/CZA research with children hosted in asylum centre in Bogovadja.
The exhibition is part of the Asylum Protection Center APC/CZA project “Empowerment of asylum seekers and persons who got asylum for more active social role in local communities” funded by Scan foundation and BCIF.

The exhibition was previously shown at the Cultural Center “Hadzi Ruvim” in Lajkovac and in the organization of the event in Belgrade APC/CZA team was wholeheartedly helped by activists gathered around the Cultural Center “Nea Pangea” where the exhibition was held.

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