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Solidarity on paper, there will be nothing of that.

20.10.2020 Zagreb, the Center for Peace Studies and the Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma held a press conference today on the European Square in Zagreb “Solidarnost na papiru, figa u džepu”, regarding the new EU policies on migration and asylum, which were presented as a new beginning , and are in fact an attempt to deepen and legalize the practice of human rights violations.

The jurisdiction, supervision, procedure and availability of support within the prescreening centers, which are practically prisons, is completely unclear. In addition, their opening directly derogates from EU legislation itself, including the Directive which provides mechanisms for the protection of vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied children, people with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, single parents, victims of trafficking, the seriously ill, people with disabilities. mental health problems and persons who have been tortured, raped or subjected to other severe forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence.

For years, countries such as Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, and in recent years Croatia, have been talking about the pressure they are dealing with due to the measures of the Dublin Regulation. This Pact, instead of ensuring the division of responsibilities among the member states, would further burden the states at their external borders by opening “screening centers”. This violates existing international law.

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