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Assistance in employment and understanding the fate of refugees

 Belgrade, 10/07/2020– APC has established cooperation with a well-known food factory, pudding, and candy mixes, where our clients, after training, started working in food production.

The period of adaptation to the team, to a new environment is not easy for anyone, and especially not for our client Frank. This is Frank’s first job in Serbia, he got it shortly after we helped him get a personal work permit with exemption from paying the administrative fee.

Working in shifts, working where the spoken language he doesn’t know well and trying his best to understand, living in a camp without conditions for privacy and adequate rest – these are just some of the challenges that Frank has learned to face on a daily basis. He has only one aim – to keep his job and to prove himself as a good and honest worker, as a dear colleague.

That is how the team talks about him. We learn from his supervisors that he is very well accepted.

We learn that colleagues state that contact and direct work with our clients who work in this factory was a revelation for them. Namely, they state that they broke many prejudices about refugees and migrants that exist, that they learned that they are raised well, educated, open to other cultures, honest, that they want to work hard, earn money and try to support themselves.

The APC integration team has been helping asylum seekers and refugees in employment for years, in different areas in Serbia. We cooperate with small and large companies in the field of candidate selection, preparation and training for work, preparation of the collective as well as obtaining the necessary documentation for their legal work.

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