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Necessary systemic solution for vaccination of refugee children in Serbia

izvor: BETA      foto: APC

BELGRADE, May 2nd – Director of the Asylum Protection Center Rados Djurovic said today that it is good that vaccination of children of migrants against smallpox was started in Serbia, but added that this had to be done earlier in order to ensure that both refugees and children from Serbia be protected.

“There is a non-systematic approach problem when it comes to vaccinations. The refugee children born here are properly vaccinated, but the problem is with another refugee child.” No child of any age who comes to our country does not receive vaccinations. Some of the parents of these children do not know if it is necessary, so they do not look for this kind of help, “Djurović told Beta.

The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration announced last week that the vaccination of children of migrants against smallpox started at a shelter in Krnjaca and that it is planned that by the 31st of May they will have 1,592 children under 18 years of age immunized.

The vaccine was provided by the organization “Doctors Without Borders”.

Djurovic added that there was a problem of child revaccination and that there was one case of a parent who even had a card with previous vaccinations that his child had passed in the country of origin, but who managed to carry out the revaccination of his child only after the intervention of APC.

He said that it is very important to create a system for controlling children and their vaccinations, both because of their health and the health of their surroundings.

According to his estimation, it would be very important that every refugee child who is registered has a health record card containing all the knowledge about the vaccines he received, regardless of how much that child and his family will be kept in Serbia.

“The system must focus on preventing the spread of various illnesses that can be suppressed by vaccination, which are even mandatory in our country. Migrant and refugee children must not be discriminated against in this way because our regulations are clear on this issue and they are related to this The state must, for this, as well as for our children, provide all regular vaccinations and must not rely on a one-time donation, but to seek funds to ensure that both refugees and our children are protected through regular vaccinations and revaccinations ” Djurovic assessed.


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