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Contrasts: Refugees and Migrants in Serbia

Izvor: Al Jazeere Balkans

BELGRADE, June 1st – It has been two years since the official closing of the so-called Balkan Refugee Route. But, although in an incomparably smaller measure, the influx of refugees and migrants into the Balkans, and so on Serbia, never stopped. According to official data, there are currently more than three thousand refugees and migrants in Serbia. However, according to the unwritten rule, the arrival of the spring of illegal routes becomes more active, and new ones are opening up, such as those in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to which the authorities announced last week that they will send a protest note to the address of the official Belgrade, according to the re-directing of migrants to that country.

Are these complaints justified, what is the current situation in Serbia, and to what extent has the system of protection of refugees and migrants improved? – we are talking with our guests: Ivan Gerginov from the Commissioner for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, and Rados Djurovic from the Asylum Protection Center.

Editor and host of the show is Anne Marie Curcic.


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