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Austria raises four fences on the border with Slovenia

Priredio:  APC

LJUBLJANA, July 11 – The Austrian government approved a plan according to which protective guard rails at four border crossings with Slovenia will be installed in the province of Carinthia, which is justified by the possibility of potential illegal migrant crossings.

The decision is not only dissatisfied with Slovenia, which is a member of the European Union and the Schengen Area, but also across the local community, which is why less than half of private landowners who will be affected by the fence refuges to sign a land contract for these purposes, and numerous owners want to prevent the installation of the fence, Slovenian TV announced on Monday. The police administration of the Carinthia Province has been negotiating more than a week with the owners, and the fence is planned for crossings in Labot, Holmec, Ravnjak, and Libeli.

We are not talking about a fence along the entirety of the border, but rather about a fence a few kilometers along the border crossings, said spokesperson for the Carinthian police, Rainer Dionisio.


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