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Asylum seekers in defense of Sabac

Asylum seekers have worked in Sabac all last night, in defense of the city from flooding. 85 of them evacuated from Obrenovac in Baric, originating from Cameroon, Syria, Mali, Iraq and other countries, insisted on providing assistance to their fellow citizens, and around 11 p.m. went to Sabac. Since arriving in town, they spent the whole night in repackaging of humanitarian aid, filling bags with sand and equiping the humanitarian aid convoys. It had rained all night, and they all wet and shivering were returned back to the Bubanj Potok around 4 p.m., and after that transferred to Sjenica and Tutin.

When asked why they have done this, Joe from Cameroon replied: “It was not difficult to take shovels in hands and do everything to help people in need. We were even pleased for being useful and to help, and not just to receive help. We saw a lot of old and disabled people, women and children, entire families who have lost their homes in a single night. The same thing happened to us, only in our case, the agony lasted much longer and we had to leave our countries.

Serbian people is good people, they accepted us as their own. The least we could do is to help those who received us.”

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