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Asylum seekers helped in the areas affected by floods

SOURCE: RTV 23. May 2014. 

Asylum seekers who were placed in Obrenovac were among the first affected by the consequences of the floods, but as soon as the opportunity arose, they also came first to help.

They were evacuated on Friday morning, May 16th, 2014 which was only one of many evacuated places of those few critical days, but the same day, on a Friday night, they were among the first volunteers in Sabac.

It was just one of the places affected by the flood, and in which these people who have left their homes a long time ago, or lost them in some other way, decided to stay and to show that the home is where we are and that should be defended in every way.


Asylum seekers who have resided at the reception center in Obrenovac and who survived the catastrophe that befell that area, came to Serbia from war-torn countries, precisely because of the abilities of the learned composure, self-initiative and self-organization, which they developed in crisis situations they have faced in their home countries, they rushed to help, as soon as they had the opportunity.

Due to the initiative they have shown and the organization of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, some of the asylum seekers will assist in Krupanj tomorrow and the day after.

After the first evacuation from Obrenovac to Baric on May 16th, about 150 of them were further evacuated already during the next morning to a several temporary reception centers, which are not endangered by the floods.

Most asylum seekers are currently in Sjenica and Tutin, then in Banja Koviljaca and Bogovadja, but they still await the return to Obrenovac, although there did not have solved problem of accommodation for months. All of this will become even more serious in the coming period with the inflow of new asylum seekers in Serbia.

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