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Asylum seekers evacuated from Baric

All asylum seekers, 33 of them, mostly women and children were evacuated from the school in Baric. Local people, about 100 of them, most of whom were elderly, sick and exhausted from Obrenovac were also evacuated. They came during the day and were accommodated together with asylum seekers in the same primary school in Baric.


Asylum seekers were helping to the elderly, immobile and sick to get into buses. Commissariat for Refugees has provided transport and asylum seekers, as well as our citizens are transferring to Belgrade. Asylum seekers will probably be transferred during the day from Belgrade to Sjenica and Tutin. Our citizens were evacuated with 3 city buses. According to the latest information, asylum seekers who went to help in the defense of Sabac will be transferred to the Bubanj Potok.

The evacuation was carried out quickly and efficiently by the Ministry of Interior and the Commissariat for Refugees.

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