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APC in Nairobi, amongst local refugees

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Nairobi, February 20– APC representatives participated in a gathering of sister organizations working with vulnerable refugees and local children on other continents, held in February in Kenya.

Africa has been chosen as a gathering point because it is a contention that produces the biggest challenges in protecting children and young people in the world, and the challenges that local civil society organizations working with children and young people are doing here are by far the largest and most numerous.

This was an opportunity for APC representatives to take a look at the situation in this part of the world that was hit by the sufferings of war, from which many refugees are coming to Europe either through the Mediterranean and through the Balkan route, but it also provides APC representatives with the opportunity to compare challenges, their own knowledge, an exchange of experiences , look at challenges in the future and possible common similarities outside the local national context and find common groundwork for future work.

The host of this event was the local organization of Heshima, and the whole multi-year process of networking, cooperation, education is a group of different sister organizations from different countries around the world that protect children was financially supported by the Global Fund for Children as one of the prominent global donors focused on helping children.









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