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APC provided school books for refugee children from Ukraine

Source: APC
Photo: APC

Novi Sad, July 24, 2023- This time the APC team is in Novi Sad, delivering books to Ukrainian girls. Our local team has been helping this family, consisting of a mother and three daughters, since their arrival in Serbia. They are even more vulnerable considering that they are women in a foreign country, far from their homeland.

But, our organization supports them in different ways. In addition to helping them to obtain all the necessary documents in Serbia, such as ID cards and temporary protection status, APC assisted in enrolling the girl in a local school.

Of course, humanitarian aid is also one of the ways our organization supports refugees from Ukraine. On this occasion, the APC team provided the necessary books for the upcoming school year.

Naša organizacija nastavlja da pomaže izbeglicama širom lokalnih zajednica. U današnjoj Evropi, oni su ti kojima je pomoć i više nego neophodna.

APC treats refugees who fall into the vulnerable category, those being women and children, with special attention. The experience of the war left them with many traumas, but our organization makes an effort and contributes a lot to make these refugees feel safe and protected in our country.

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