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Abouth APC/CZA


Asylum Protection Center APC / CZA is an independent, non-profit, but professional and skilled organization that provides legal, psychosocial and other support and protection to asylum seekers, refugees, displaced persons and any other persons who are in trouble of migrating. APC/CZA is active in improving the concept of asylum and the asylum system in Serbia, suppressions of prejudice and xenophobia, approaching the issues and problems of asylum seekers and the wider public in Serbia.

Asylum Protection Center (APC/CZA ) is an association that provides legal and psychological support to asylum seekers , persons who granted protection of Serbia and all other persons who are in trouble migrating. APC/CZA order to improve the Institute of asylum and the asylum and refugee law in Serbia with an aim to improve the Serbian society in the civilized, moral and legal aspects.

The work of the organization is based on frequent presence on the field, weekly activities in centers for asylum seekers in Bogovadja and Banja Koviljaca and the Department for Children and Youth, Department for the immigration in Padinska skela , in Subotica and other places where asylum seekers and irregular migrants are in Serbia. APC/CZA continuously mediates communication between asylum seekers, citizens and representatives of local communities in which asylum seekers and other migrants are living.

APC / CZA is member of ECRE (European Council on Refugees and Exiles ), a pan-European alliance of non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to refugees and asylum seekers . The importance of APC/CZA as the authority in the legal protection of asylum seekers and functioning asylum system and the provision of legal and other protection to asylum seekers in Serbia is clearly recognized in the Strategy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the migration since 2009. (Official Gazette no. 25/2009 ). Since the beginning of asylum system in Serbia(2008 ) to the present, APC / CZA has advised more than 80 percent of all asylum seekers and representation for all asylum seekers who have received any protection in the Republic of Serbia , forming the whole practice of asylum administrative and judicial procedures and systems in Serbia since 2012.

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