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A tour of Vojvodina for refugee children and Belgrade high school students

Prepared by: APC  Photo: APC

Belgrade, Becej, Palic, 30 May 2019 – Ugostiteljsko-turistička škola from Belgrade and the APC/CZA Integration Team organized an excursion for students of this school and young refugees living in Belgrade. The refugees that were taken on this trip come from families with whom APC has been working for a long time, in addition to teenagers that are here without parental escorts. By showing them the Petrovaradin Fortress, Palić, the Fantast Castle in Bečej, presenting traditional Vojvodina dishes, riding in carriages, visiting the zoo and an underground museum – the students tried to present to their guests our culture, our customs and our complex history.

This excursion was a success, as the refugee children were ablet o relax for a day and simply be children. They were able to be with their peers, play cards on the bus, sing together, and exchange contacts. The mothers were especially happy, claiming that they rarely get to see their children to happy and carefree.

The visit was organized with the MADAD support of the European Union for managing migrations. The carrier of the project is Ugostiteljsko-turistička škola and the partner is Asylum Protection Center.

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