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The echoes of war: Migration wave gets increased

Source: Nova

Belgrade, 03/01/2022 As the bombs fall, victims are counted, but so are hundreds of thousands of refugees. It all sounds incredibly painful and familiar to us. The war in Ukraine, like any war, makes people flee. According to estimates, there are already 680,000 of them. What does that mean for Ukraine, and what for the surrounding countries and Serbia? The guests of the “Among us” show were Ljubomir Miladinović, general secretary of the Serbian Red Cross and Radoš Đurović, director of the center for providing support to asylum seekers.

“This is a really dramatic crisis and the consequences of this conflict are inscrutable.” We are talking about a large number of people who are moving, and we also have victims and endangering civilians. It is necessary to enable safe access for humanitarian and health workers to reach those who need help. The most vulnerable are the elderly, children and women. We must not forget the sick ones and prisoners – these are the categories that the Geneva Convention require special care for as well,” Miladinović notes.

Radoš Đurović states the solidarity has been demonstrated in practice and that their treatment is “fairly decent” when they enter the territory of the European Union.

“However, we also have the examples of dramatic situations, such as the separation of fathers from children,” says Đurović, who adds that this is a horrifying side of war.

“Here we have the arming of civilians, one side is trying to defend itself.” The decision that men aged 18-60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine has protection of the country as its goal,” underlines Đurović, who wonders how those who have no experience in a war can help in an armed conflict.

In addition to refugees moving west, Miladinović states that people are also going to Russia.

“In the case of a larger number of refugees, Serbia must organize better,” underlines Miladinović.


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