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Syrian received asylum in Serbia

Source: B 92   30.06.2013.

The Republic of Serbia has put under its protection a Syrian citizen who left his country in order to save his life and to find a better tomorrow. In the procedure for receiving the status, Syrian was represented and provided with the help by the Asylum Protection Center (APC/CZA).

Hassan has already been well acquainted with Serbia. While he traveled through Europe, he often had the occasions to pass through Serbia and was coming back for a visit several times. During his stay in Serbia he made new friends and learned the Serbian language. He has finally decided to leave Syria when the conflict between the country and the rebels grown into the war and the war became a massacre of civilians.

“War does not choose its victims, it kills everyone. I have lost some of my best friends, uncle, close relatives, neighbors… I was looking for a place where I could protect myself, to save my life, to get away from the war”, says Hassan.

Hassan comes from a small town in Syria, whose citizens were unwilling to interfere in the conflict, but in the end they have found themselves on the front line. Because of that, his fellow citizens took up arms to defend their families, but despite that there were most of the civilian casualties.

“That’s what was happening whether the Syrian army or the rebels were attacking. When the rebels control or occupy a place or city, the Syrian army tries to return the city by causing arise of the conflicts and of course most of the civilians were killed, because they are between two fires”, said Hassan.

Director of the Asylum Protection Center (APC/CZA), Rados Djurovic said that Hassan’s case is not lonely and that the number of asylum seekers who are arriving from Syria is rapidly increasing.

“In the first half of 2013, 1,591 people asked for the asylum in Serbia, which represents a large number, which is a trend that continues from year to year. The image of the people who are coming has changed. Currently, most of those who are coming are Syrians which is caused by this conflict. There is no religion or political orientation, literally all of them are coming, people who support the regime and the people who were on the side of the rebels”, said Djurovic.

However, Hassan’s decision to stay in Serbia remains rare. Illegal migrants still mainly use Serbia as a transit station on the way to the European Union.

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