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Personal work permits for clients of Asylum Protection Centar.

During 2019, Asylum Protection Centar continued to help asylum seekers and refugees obtain personal work permits in order to join the labor market without hindrance. According to the Center’s statistics, more than 100 personal work permits have been issued for the Center’s clients, while in over 80 cases a decision on exemption from paying the republic administrative fee has been issued, ie persons from vulnerable categories such as refugees have received personal work permits free of charge. which is an important prerequisite for inclusion in the labor market.

After the declaration of the state of emergency by the Decision of 15.03.2020. year, the Center continued with its activities, and during the state of emergency issued 3 personal work permits with 3 exemptions from paying taxes. Regarding already issued personal work permits that have expired or will expire during the state of emergency, in accordance with the Decision on the validity of the work permit issued to a foreigner during the state of emergency, from March 27, 2020. years, their validity is extended until the end of the state of emergency.

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