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In the south of Serbia captured about 7000 illegal immigrants

On territory of municipalities of Presevo and Bujanovac in the border area with Macedonia, 6000 illegal migrants were prevented from entering Serbia in 2013, and more 749 were caught in transit, said the Head of the Border Police for Foreigners in the Police Department Vranje, Boban Arizanovic.

On February 13, 2014 Arizanovic said that the largest number of illegal immigrants is prevented to enter at the border with Macedonia and administrative line with Kosovo, while a far smaller number of crossings is prevented at the border with Bulgaria.

“Along with migrants that were caught in the ‘green line’, more 749 illegal migrants were caught while they were ‘in the canal’ – because they illegally crossed the border and were in transit through the territory which is under the jurisdiction of the Police Department of Vranje. Against 81 offenders that were suspected for the transportation of these illegal migrants were filed 56 criminal charges in 2013”, said Arizanovic.

According to him, although the lowest number of crossing attempts of illegal migrants was from the direction of Bulgaria, that number is doubled in 2013, while the illegal migrants coming from the direction of Greece, where there are, according to police data, about 100,000, trying to cross from the direction of the Macedonian border.

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