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Humanitarian aid to the refugees from Ukraine living outside the camps

Since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, more than 142,758 citizens of Ukraine have entered Serbia, and so far more than 5,000 people have remained in Serbia. More than 1,200 people obtained temporary protection. Of that number, more than 300 children obtained temporary protection in the country, as well as over 800 women.

APC/CZA actively and continuously helps refugees from Ukraine, from the first day of the beginning of the war until today. In addition to informing, free legal assistance, assistance with registration and obtaining temporary protection, we help refugees to exercise the right to work, to find employment, to exercise the right to health care, the right to education as well as others.

Many refugees who have gone through the horrors of war, experienced trauma due to the loss of loved ones, who live in constant uncertainty and fear for their loved ones who are still in Ukraine, are in need of psychological and social assistance, which our officers provide them with the intention of helping in the process of overcoming stress, mitigating the consequences of trauma. Our psycho-social workers help in the process of overcoming the loss of loved ones, but also empower refugees to face the existing challenges upon arrival in Serbia and try to overcome them.

However, a very important segment of our support is the provision of humanitarian aid to all Ukrainian refugees who are in need. Humanitarian aid has proven to be crucial and often much needed to meet the basic existential needs of refugees at times when they do not have enough money, support and when they face numerous challenges of living in a new environment in a foreign country without available institutional and continuous systemic support.

Asylum Protection Center provides humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine to help meet the refugees’ basic life and hygiene needs, as well as help in the process of children’s education. These are primarily bags/school material, baby equipment/baby food, cosmetics/hygiene for women and children, shoes/clothing for women and children.

We deliver the same help to refugees at their address or in our regional offices in the south and north of Serbia, as well as in the office in Belgrade.

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