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Food specialties from Syria, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia

 foto: APC 

Belgrade, December 28 2015

Refugees who are living in our city prepared a little feast for volunteers of Asylum Protection Center, which organized the socializing. They prepared traditional Arabic and African meals at the restaurant “Smokvica” at Ada.

Chef of the Ada restaurant gave his place to amateurs from Syria, Ghana, Senegal, Guinea and Gambia. They turned out to be excellent cooks.

They mixed ingredients, cooked peanut butter, beans combined with fried bananas, mix of fish and beef, eggplants and couscous… And everything was delicious! Surprisingly, majority of the cooks were men. To the question how they are so good in the kitchen, their response was: “if there is no mother or wife around, I should starve?!”

Almost all food was eaten, and the chefs brought the leftovers to their friends which aren’t so skilled in the kitchen. All of them are planning to leave Serbia, but socializing in “Smokvica” gave the idea to some of them to open their own restaurants in Europe.

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