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Connecting young refugees and youth from the local environment

Subotica, 09/06/2021- The pandemic influenced everyday life of all of us and especially migrants, asylum seekers and refugees are made even more vulnerable and isolated. In environments with a greater social tension like Subotica, where the animosity toward refugees has increased and we encounter the spreading of prejudice, the initiatives that lead to refugee and local population bonding are almost destroyed.

Despite the challenges, in our Northern office, workshops and meetings are organized in cooperation with Local initiative for refugees and volunteers, where young people get acquainted, find out about the life of people from Subotica, refugees tell their stories, occasionally prepare their traditional food. Sometimes the meetings are online and sometimes  in the office with respecting epidemiological measures.

For young refugees that are often separated from the close people more years, this is a glimmer of hope that someone will accept and hear them and want to understand them which is very important, along with information, psychological and humanitarian aid.

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