Immigration in Serbia: Current state of affairs and perspectives, tolerance and integration

Mirjana Bobic In recent years there has been a permanent increase in immigration flows to Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija) from various sources. One part stems from massive returns of Serbian citizens from EU in line with the Readmission Agreement.…

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Asylum Commission

In the Commission for asylum shall be appointed : 1.As President: - Jovo Puletic, graduate lawyer, assistant to the Chief of the Border Police in the Ministry of Interior; 2. As Members: 1) Mirjana Kecman, graduate lawyer, independent advisor to…

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List of safe countries of origin

List of safe countries of origin "Official Gazette of the RS", No. 67/2009 On the Article 2 of the Asylum Act ("Official Gazette of the RS", No. 109/07) and the Article 43 Paragraph 1 of the Law on Government ("Official…

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