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From Afghanistan, the first refugee entrepreneur in Serbia

prepared by: APC          photo: APC

BELGRADE, February 10 – A 46 year old man from Afghanistan is the first entrepreneurial refugee in Serbia.

Two months ago, he received the right to establish an entrepreneurial service for the provision of translation services, in proceeding led by lawyers of Asylum Protection Center.

He speaks seven languages. He’s been in Serbia for three years and throughout the entire duration, APC has provided him with legal assistance and support – from processing his first personal ID card, the right to work, obtaining asylum, to personal work permits for self-employment, starting one’s own business and registering an entrepreneurial shop in the Agency for Business Registers of the Republic of Serbia.

He left Afghanistan very young, returning back and trying to stay, but because of the problems that endangered his life, he decided to indefinitely find a home in a safe place. He chose Serbia.

He lives as a tenant, perfectly getting along with the landlord, establishing friendships, people respect and value him…

In Afghanistan he has a family, a wife and five children and imagines he will be able to bring them to Serbia, because now after he has received asylum, he has the right to family reunification.

And here, the APC lawyers will be by his side.

For now, we wish the new businessman a lot of luck in his future endeavors in work and economic independence.


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